North Runcton

The School in 1863-5.

This extract is from the school log of 1895. The log doesn't include a register of pupils, so this entry (not verbatim) is particularly informative.


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March 5th 1895: Annual inspection by Mrs Johnson, present 36 boys + 29 Girls = total 65. The following children were absent, reason of absence stated:

Edgar Smith

Florence Thurston

Georgina Batterbee

Ellen Mason

George Gates

Fred Thurston

Martha Smith

Lucy Batterbee

Sidney Thurston

Laura Smith

Gertrude Hinds

Ethel Huggins

Walter Berry

Herbert Smith

William ?Guymer

John Berry

Ernest Kirby

Mary Bowman

Anette (sic) Judd



Supposed Scarlet Fever

Left Village

Sore Throat


Whooping Cough

Scarlet Fever (supposed)


Whooping Cough


Sore Throat


Whooping Cough

The school log of 1863-5

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