North Runcton

North Runcton in 1836

This is the entry for the village in Francis White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk 1836, pp. 463-464


RUNCTON (NORTH) is a pleasant village, with several neat houses, 3 miles S.S.E. of Lynn, including in its parish 307 inhabitants, and about 2,000 acres of land, of which about 800 are in the hamlet of HARDWICK, where there are three farm-houses within one mile of Lynn, belonging to Mrs. Hudson, of Tedworth court, Surrey. Stephen Gee, Esq., of Hull, is lord of the manor of North Runcton, with Hardwick and Setch, in which the copyholders pay arbitrary fines, and about 200 acres are unenclosed.

RUNCTON HALL, a large white brick mansion, rebuilt in 1834 at a cost of nearly £5,000, is the handsome seat of Daniel Gurney, Esq. The CHURCH, dedicated to All Saints, is a neat cemented fabric, rebuilt, after the old one had been destroyed by the fall of the tower, in 1701. It has several inscriptions to the families of Rolle, Atwell, Hopes, and Cremer, who were formerly lords of the manor. The rectory has annexed to it the churchless parish of Setch, and is valued in K.B. at £8. 10s., but is now worth £700 a-year; in the patronage of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, and incumbency of the Rev. Jas. Cumming. Here are 15A. of church land, and the same quantity of glebe. The benefice was endowed, in 1616, by the Rev. Thomas Hopes, with the Notley tithes, (200 acres in Middleton,) subject to the following yearly payments; viz., 20s. fee-farm rent; £3. 8s. 8d. to Trinity College, for a poor scholar from the Lynn Grammar School; £3. 8s. 8d. to the poor of Runcton, Hardwick, and Setch: 6s. to the poor of Middleton; 10s. to the poor of East Winch; and 3s. 4d. to each of the parishes of East Walton, Dudlington, and Colveston, for the poor. The same donor also bequeathed the rectory-house, with an acre of land attached to it. The poor of Runcton have a house and land, let for £3. 18s. and left by and unknown donor.

Abra John, bricklayer
Bells Mrs. Eliz. and Sister
Champman Wm. blacksmith
Cock Wm. par. clerk and overseer
Cooper Hugh, shoemaker
Elflett Wm. bricklayer
Greenacre Rt.& Wm. cart owners
Gurney Danl. Esq. Runcton hall
Harper Wm. gardener, Hardwick
Hulton Francis, Esq.
Panton Richard, schoolmaster
Secker Robert, farm steward to Mrs. Hudson, Hardwick
Wright Wm, shoemaker


Bull Richard
Cooper Nicholas
Greenacre Wm
M'Pherson Don Hardwick
Smith George
Wright Thos.


In the 1845 edition of the Gazetteer, the people listed are:

Allflat Edward, bricklayer
Bell, Miss Elizabeth
Bulman Mary, school mistress
Chapman William, blacksmith
Cooper Nicholas, beerhouse keeper
Cooper Hugh, shoemaker
Greenacre Robt. & Wm., cart owners
Gurney, Esq., Runcton Hall
Harper Wm., gardener, Hardwick
Hulton Francis, Esq.
Locke Rev. Charles Courtney M.A, curate
Orton Wm., National schoolmaster
Secker Robert, farm-steward to Mrs Hudson, Hardwick
Storey James, joiner & parish clerk


Bull Richard
Cooper Nicholas
Greenacre Mrs.
Mc Pherson, Donald, Hardwick
Smith George
Wright Thomas

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